Campy Creatures: Expansion I and 2nd Edition

Created by Keymaster Games

This ghoulish game of bluffing and deduction just got a whole lot campier.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production Update from the Mad Scientists at Panda
about 1 month ago – Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 07:38:00 PM


Now that Chinese New Year is wrapping up, we wanted to provide an update on production status and share some tentative dates regarding freight/fulfillment. Production paused for a short time to celebrate the Year of the Pig, but the Panda team is back at work on Campy Creatures and Control. Mass Production should finish by the end of March and should be on a boat ~ 2 weeks after that. It's about 4-6 weeks once on the boat to fulfillment (+/- 2 weeks - depending on geography) which puts fulfillment starting middle of June, hopefully sooner. Along those lines, we are pleased to announce that we have locked in fulfillment with Quartermaster Logistics. We learned a lot from our last campaign with them and are confident they can help us get Campy Creatures into your hands quickly and securely.


In a previous update, we showed off some sample materials for the Control 2nd Edition tuck box. The box showed signs of wear on the seams and we have been looking at ways to ensure this wouldn't happen. Ultimately, we decided to change the Control box back to a 2 piece box. It will be roughly the same size as the tuck box and will promote the longevity of the product. 


Additionally, we has been working to get the Campy Playing cards up to our standards. While we were really pleased with how the glow-in-the-dark card backs looked when we received the pre-production copy, the ink hasn't held up well with use. As such, we have removed the glow-in-the-dark ink from the card backs. This decision has allowed us to move manufacturing to USPCC. USPCC is well known for the quality of their playing cards, in fact, they manufactured a few decks that inspired us to design our own. 

PARKS: the Board Game - Ending TODAY!

If you haven’t seen, our latest Kickstarter project, PARKS is live right now! You can visit the Kickstarter HERE. It ends at 21:00 EST (-5 GMT/UTC) today - Tuesday February 19th. We'd love for you to join us.

Thank you always for your support!

  • The Keymaster Team

"It's ALIVE!" The Print and Play is HERE
2 months ago – Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 01:01:30 AM

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Production is About to Start...So is 2019!
3 months ago – Sat, Dec 15, 2018 at 01:10:55 AM


It’s been a minute since we talked last! There’s been a Thanksgiving (if you’re in the US like us), a fun final convention of the year with PAXU, and we’ve been hard at work getting Campy 2nd Edition and it’s Expansion locked up to start printing. We live-streamed the Pre-Production Copies (PPC) we received, but if you missed that here’s some pictures for you to enjoy, including some bonus Glow-In-The-Dark pictures too!


The last day to finalize your surveys is 12/16. We will be locking down and charging cards for orders on Monday morning. Remember, this is the time for you to add on Giclee creature prints, Monster Socks and that fancy Glow-in-the-Dark deck of playing cards from the picture above.


After we received the PPCs, we worked to make the tweaks we saw were necessary. We’ve handed off the final files to Panda and are working on the final quote based on our new quantities! All that to say, production is scheduled to start before the end of the year which means games reaching you middle to late Q2. Here’s what the timeline looks like:

Unless something major comes up before the new year, this will be our last update before 2019. Of course we’re still here for emails and questions, but in the mean time, everyone have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

- The Keymaster Team

Spooky Edition in Pledge Manager until 11/16
4 months ago – Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 08:50:30 PM

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Backer Surveys, A Pre-Production Copy, and More!
4 months ago – Fri, Nov 09, 2018 at 08:42:59 PM


It's been one week since y'all crushed that final stretch goal and that energy is still keeping us going here at Keymaster. The campaign might be over, but we will be frequently sharing our progress in getting Campy to your doors! To that end, here is a rough outline of what is to come:


The first step on your journey is to get into BackerKit. This will allow you to manage your address, update your pledge tier if you like, and add all the add-ons from the campaign. We will be emailing survey links over the next 4 days. If you don't have your link by Tuesday, check your spam and then message us!

Important notes 

1. Conversion Kits are only available until 11/16
2. We will lock order 12/15
3. We've made addon shipping more reasonable as seen below
4. We are adding a limited number of Space Park copies as addons. As a reminder, both Caper (US/CAN) and Space Park are in retail and on Amazon (US).
5. Print-and-Play files will be sent to backers via BackerKit in the next few weeks

Cool Stuff

Possibly our favorite thing that came out of the campaign - 118 people backed a game on Kickstarter for the very first time! Welcome :)

Also, we received our Pre-Production Copy (PPC) of Control. We were able to sit down with it take notes, and give feedback to Panda and we figured we’d at least share a picture here for you to enjoy as well! We'll try to get a live stream going with it soon!

Lastly - BoardGameGeek is in the process of pulling together their gift guide. If you love Space Park and Caper as much as we do, consider giving them a thumbs up! You can follow this link to vote.

- The Keymaster Team